Nutriband Science

How do you normally take your vitamins?

Nutriband patches provide slow continuous release compared to a definite dosage in pill form.  For example, when consuming a multivitamin tablet / capsule you consume 24 hours’ worth of certain Vitamins.  The body cannot absorb 2 hours of vitamins in a 3 second swallow and therefore your body essentially uses what it needs and flushes out what it does not.  Commonly in urine which can be noticed through discoloration.

Your body needs time to absorb nutrients!

Our products are designed on the principle that nutrients can be absorbed not only orally but also, through the skin. Transdermal (taking through the skin) technology is not only becoming more and more mainstream in the medicine industry because of its many benefits, it is also the way forward for the Healthcare industry. Because of the method of intake, all Nutriband products contain nothing but the bare essential ingredients as there are no need for binders, fillers or unwanted animal by-products such as gelatine.

Furthermore this makes all of Nutriband products completely Vegan and Vegetarian friendly!

Bare Essential Ingredients
Vegan Friendly